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Extraordinary Vessel Qigong Movement Course

Twenty Videos progressively teaching movements to harmonize the Eight Extraordinary Vessels of Classical Chinese Medicine, their spheres of influence, and their areas of somatization. Includes material from the curriculae of NSEVhealing (Daniel Atchison Nevel, AP, Frank Iborra,AP, the late Raymond Garner,A.P. Esly Caldwell III, AP, Tao Semko, and more...)

Videos 1-3: Three daily practices of three exercises for the Yang Wei ("outer gate"), reducing hypervigilence, tunnel vision, and feelings of external overwhelm, improving the ability to create your own context, wholistic vision, and frame of reference of the outer world and where you meet that outer world

Videos 4-6: Quick Practice of Yang Wei exercises, followed by Exercises for the Dai (girdle vessel), moving from stiffness and disconnection back to harmonious and unhindered physical and verbal expression and interface with others and the environment

Videos 7-9 : Quick practice of Yang Wei and Dai exercises, and teaching Yin Wei ("Inner Gate") exercises for improving visceral function and processing, digestion, incorporation, and embodiment

Videos 10-12: Introducing Exercises for the Chong ("penetrating/thrusting" vessel/central channel) for centered-ness and deep sense of self and the transcendent, while reviewing the Yang Wei, Dai, and Yin Wei exercises

Videos 12-14: Introducing the Ren (conception vessel - for re-connecting to undifferentiated wholeness and embodiment) and Du (governing vessel - for individuation, concentration of mental resources, imaging, and actualization of mental resources) while reviewing exercises for the Yang Wei, Dai, Yin Wei, and Chong

Videos 15:Introducing the Yin Qiao (Yin Motility) and Yang Qiao (Yang Motility) exercises for improving accessing and storage of yin (emotion/tactile sensations) and yang (mental), and for the improvement of bodily motility, and reviewing movements for the other vessels.

Videos 16-20: Putting together a full 8 extraordinary vessel practice in a variety of ways

The information in this course is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any illness. All information is presented for information purposes only, and not as medical or mental health advice.
When you have health concerns, speak to a doctor.

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