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Umaa Tantra: Online College of Tantric Yogas

UmaaTantra started in 1999 as a school of tantric yoga in South Florida, USA.

Umaa Tantra was a school of accomplished tantric yogis practicing and transmitting tantric methods without dogma or sectarianism. Umaa Tantra was founded in Miami, FL, in 1999 by Santiago Dobles and Tao Semko. The Website UmaaTantra.com was created by Tao Semko, and served as the center for the Online College of Tantric Yogas until 2016, also cataloguing various books, dvd’s, distance learning programs (Tantric Inner Circle, Progressive Sadhana) and workshops presented by the founders and by other Umaa Tantra instructors certified by them. The website was published by Smashan Press, Inc.

After developing and expanding their first correspondence courses in 2003-4, in 2006 they moved entirely to internet and traveling workshop formats, and nurturing their students and practitioners in more than 32 countries through their interactive multimedia online courses, workshops, and published works. Online video chats provided regular support with each student at their request.

In 2017 the teachers dissolved UmaaTantra.com in favor of their personal websites, each with its own focus. Santiago Dobles no longer teaches yoga, preferring to teach Pencak Silat and Kuntao (Indonesian and Southern Chinese internal martial arts) and their respective internal energy development methods and meditations, from his home, and teaching the Kundalini and qigong methods of Dr. Glenn Morris via workshop and online. Tao Semko teaches tantric yogas, Taoist and Buddhist Alchemical Qigong, Non-Somatic Extraordinary Vessel Cultivation (NSEVHealing, derived from pre-taoist Wu Shamanism), and the Kundalini and qigong Methods of Dr. Glenn Morris online and via workshops.

About the name: There was no single person named Umaa Tantra. — Umaa is a Sanskrit name for anthropomorphized primordial wisdom energy, the divine feminine as imminent and transcendent awareness, and Tantra is a contraction of the sanskrit words “Tanotti” and “trayotti”, meaning “expansion” and “liberation,” respectively… Santiago and Tao met while studying at the Unified Martial Art Academy in Miami, so the name Umaa, as an acronym, was also selected to honor that space…

To view our curriculae in Tantric Yoga, Alchemical Qigong, and more, please click here.

Who created Umaa Tantra?

Santiago Dobles and Tao Semko created UmaaTantra to collect and disseminate tantric teachings. Tao Semko launched UmaaTantra.com in 1999 to make those teachings available in a manner appropriate to this chaotic information age. From anywhere in the world with broadband internet or a DVD player, you could now learn and practice authentic tantra through online interactive classes, online video, e-books & DVDs. We also offered workshops internationally, local guided sadhanas in Miami, FL, USA, and private training. With these powerful methods, anyone qualified for tantric practice could achieve realization, along with radiant emotional, mental, and physical health.
You can click here to view subscribers’ experiences with Umaa Tantra’s products, distance learning program, and workshops!

Where were Umaa Tantra’s learning products and programs available?

Anywhere with mail delivery, all over the world. Their products served practitioners in more than 32 countries and we’re always happy to serve more. They had practitioners in the USA, India, Malaysia, Canada, the UK, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, France, Thailand, Canary Islands (Spain), Cameroon, Spain, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Romania, Slovenia, Germany, Cambodia, Barbados, Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand, Colombia, Australia, and more… If your country was not on that list, it was as soon as you ordered!

UmaaTantra provided support via email, telephone, video chat as students explored the essential principles, attitudes, and techniques of the Eastern Mystic spiritual systems through dvd’s, cd’s, manuals, free articles and emails, and workshops

What kind of things could be learned from Umaa Tantra’s programs?

  • Focus in meditation and in daily life…
  • How to turn restlessness into calm…
  • How to achieve a one-pointed mind and absorption in samadhi.
  • How to achieve real bliss in meditation as well as in lovemaking
  • How to integrate your spirituality into your love, business, family, and social life…, without dogma
  • How to turn everything you do into a spiritual practice…

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Energy Yoga Instructors certified by Santiago Dobles of Umaa Tantra prior to 2006:

Esly Caldwell, III, A.P. – Energy Yoga Full Instructor
Andrea Maitland, L.M.T. – Energy Yoga Full Instructor
Christine Castan – Instructor, Energy Yoga – Level One
Ricardo Dieguez – Instructor, Energy Yoga – Level One
Soraya Daguillard – Instructor, Energy Yoga – Level One
Marcos Macau – Instructor, Energy Yoga – Level One
Laura Pugliese – Energy Yoga Full Instructor, Reproductive Yogas (fertility, pre-natal/ post-natal)
Carol Rockman, L.M.T. – Instructor, Energy Yoga – Level One
Humberto Solis – Instructor, Energy Yoga – Level One

The original Umaa Tantra energy yoga curriculum satisfied by these individuals may be viewed here.

Santiago Dobles: Wiki, Miami Pencak Silat, K.A.P., Private Lessons

TaoSemko: Website, Tantric Yoga and Alchemical Qigong Practitioner’s Group and Online College, Mentorship Program, K.A.P.

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