A La Carte Video and Audio Programs

The following video and audio programs dating from 2001-2005 with instruction from Tao Semko, Santiago Dobles, Dr. Glenn J. Morris, Dinu Roman, and others, are available for streaming access purchase. They were part of a correspondence course that once included interactive teaching support at a higher price point.

Now delivered as streaming video and audio, rather than the original DVD and CD formats, they do not include interactive teaching support, and are thus offered for far less than the original correspondence course. Please complete Tao’s interview and application process to purchase these programs, and to purchase additional live video instruction or Q&A since new purchases of the older items on this page no longer include support.

Individual Tantric Inner Circle Practice Sessions:

TIC p01: Breath, Bone, Root, and Relaxation (video and audio files)

TIC p02: Secrets of the Tantric Five Tibetans (video and audio files)

TIC p03 Raw Power and Subtle Strength (video)

TIC p04 Using Cosmic Energy: Standing Postures (video)

TIC p05 Shambhavi Mudra (video)

TIC p06 Secret Powers of the Earth (video)

TIC p07 Fluidity and Sexual Energy (video)

TIC p08 Inner Fire and Transmutation (video)

TIC p09 Compassion and Freedom (video)

TIC p10 Akasha as Time and Space (video)

TIC p11 Ajna & Non-Duality (video)

TIC p12 The Universal Sublime (video)

All Member Bonus Disc: Pranic spiralling, Pranic Compression, & Your Kundalini:
A Method of internal balance and union

Discounted Bundle:
The Tantric Inner Circle Practice Sessions 1-12 and Bonus: Mastering your mind, body, and the elements through Tantric Hatha Yoga and Sukshma Vyayam

Individual Tantric Inner Circle Gold Sessions:

TIC g01: Earth, Water, & Fire (video)

TIC g02: Air & Ether (video)

TIC g03: Third Eye, Absolute, Transfiguration (video)

TIC g04: Chakra Puja (video)

TIC g05: The Big Secrets of Tantra (video)

TIC g06: Secrets of Mudra and Bandha (video)

TIC g07: Foundations of Prana, Shabda & Kriya (video)

TIC g08: Lovemaking as Kriya Yoga | Sexual Fitness (video)

TIC g09: QiGong Energetic and Spiritual Healing (video)

TIC g10: The Tantric Mandala | Energy in Erogenous Massage (video)

TIC g11: Qi Packing in the Orbits (3 Videos)

TIC g12: Martial QiGong Principles for Self-Protection and Health (video)

Discounted Bundle:
The Tantric Inner Circle Gold Sessions 1-12: Laya Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Maithuna, & Qigong / Neigong – Secrets of the Chakras, Miracles of Esoteric Anatomy

Other Bundles:

Uddiyana Bandha and Nauli Kriya: Secrets of Abdominal Isolation and Manipulation – Abs Like Maxick