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College of Tantric Yoga Courses

Foundation Practices of Tantric Yoga Trimester I (more info)
Foundation Practices of Tantric Yoga Trimester II (more info)
Foundation Practices of Tantric Yoga Trimester III (more info)
Intermediate Practices of Tantric Yoga Trimester I (more info)

Maithuna/Sexual Yoga

Dinu Roman’s Secrets of Tantra (8 videos) (more info) $240

The 2003-2006 Tantric Inner Circle DVD’s, converted to streaming online video:

All 14 Gold Videos together, $420US (more info)
The Gold Sessions: Laya Yoga & Kriya Yoga: Secrets of the Chakras – Miracles of Esoteric Anatomy
Individual Gold Videos ($30 each):
g1 – Earth, Water, & Fire: Secrets of Esoteric Anatomy One (more info) $30
g2 – Air and Ether: Secrets of Esoteric Anatomy Two (more info) $30
g3 – The Third Eye, The Absolute, & Transfiguration of the Beloved: Secrets of Esoteric Anatomy Three (more info) $30
g4 – The Ritual Lovemaking Postures/ Secret Teachings of Chakra Puja: Secrets of Esoteric Anatomy Four (more info) $30
g5 – The Big Secrets of Tantra: Transfiguration, Identification, Consecration, Dedication, Transmutation, and Sublimation: Secrets of Esoteric Anatomy Five (more info) $30
g6 – Secrets of Mudra and Bandha: Transmutation, Sublimation, Circulation: Secrets of Esoteric Anatomy Six (more info) $30
g7 – Foundations of Prana, Shabda, and Kriya: Breath, Primordial Sound, & Action of Consciousness for health, sexual union, and self-realization (more info) $30
g8 – Lovemaking as Kriya Yoga — for health, subtle awareness and realization
Sexual Fitness, Part One — External sexual fitness, with practical applications (more info)
g9 – QiGong Energetic and Spiritual Healing
1) Empowering Yourself through qigong as a vessel for the healing energy of the earth and cosmos; 2) The Power of Self, Partner, and Distant Healing 3) How to bless in secret… (more info)
g10 – Building, Offering, & Dissolving the Tantric Mandala – Manipulating Energy in Erogenous Massage – Special Guest Appearance by Dr Glenn J Morris, PhD, ScD (more info) $30
g11, discs a, b, c – Qi Packing in the Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Orbit for health, energy cultivation, and martial development (more info) $90 for the 3
g12 – Martial QiGong Principles for Self-Protection and Health (more info) $30
All 13 Practice Session Videos together (more info)
Mastering your mind, body, and the elements through Tantric Hatha Yoga and Sukshma Vyayam
Individual Practice Sessions ($30 each):
p1 – Healthy Breathing, Bone Strength, Dynamic Rooting, and Total Relaxation (more info) $30
p2 – Secrets of subtle energy awareness and cultivation & The Tantric Five Tibetans:
-The real secrets of the Tibetan rites of rejuvenation (unpublished in any book)
-Skull Shining and Secrets of Breath Meditation (more info)
p3 – Raw Power and Subtle Strength: Secrets of Hindu Vyayam & Hard Qi gong (more info) $30
p4 – Using cosmic energy: Secrets of self-purification in standing postures (more info) $30
p5 – Breath Control and Your Mind: Secrets of Shambavi Mudra (more info) $30
p6 – Secret Powers of the Earth: Developing Muladhara Chakra (more info) $30
p7 – Fluidity and Sexual Energy – Secrets of Creativity and Dynamism: Developing Swadisthana Chakra (more info) $30
p8 – Metabolism, Drive, Willpower, “Gut” Intuition, and the Inner Fire Basics of Transmutation: Developing Manipura Chakra (more info) $30
p9 – Compassion and Freedom: The Air Element: Developing Anahata Chakra (more info) $30
p10 – Akasha as Time and Space: Concept, Karma, and Communication: Developing Vishudda Chakra (more info) $30
p11 – Ajna, Non-Duality & the Non-Conceptual Mind: Developing your Ajna Chakra (more info) $30
p12 – The Universal Sublime: Divinity, Awe, & Splendor: Opening Sahashrara (more info) $30
b1 – The T.I.C. All-Member Bonus Video: Pranic Spiraling, Pranic Compression, and Your Kundalini – A Method of internal balance and union $30

Dr. Glenn J Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process (online courses with Tao Semko):

Course ($tuition) Pract. Group Member Tuition P.G.+ Charity Donation Discount Tuition – with verified charitable donation to Mercy Corps* or a similar *non-Red Cross* 4-star-rated disaster relief charity*
KAP1 ($694) $594 $394 (with $100 relief charity* donation)
KAP2 ($694) $594 $394 (with $100 relief charity* donation)
KAP3 ($694) $594 $394 (with $100 relief charity* donation)
KAP4 (594) $494 $394 (with $50 relief charity* donation)